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  1. I was in Atlanta for work. My vendor took us to the Mystic Grill and it didn’t even click with me the connection. At least not until the waiter shared the story. I watched this show and The Originals with my girls. I went downstairs to The Alley. It was really neat to see and glad they ship items. Putting in an order soon. I had to catch my Uber with the other people so I ran out of time. Those candles were awesome and will be Christmas presents this year. Seeing the costumes was really cool also! Worth the visit.

      1. I was down there around august and I bought the ring from the jewelry side it was blue not a daylight ring it was black And had a little blue in the middle of it I wanted to buy a new one is there any available to buy online

  2. Hey, I recently came and bought some Klaroline and I absolutely loved them! I am wondering if I can buy some online and have them shipped because I live too far away to get some more! Thank you!

  3. Love this little jewel ! I collect Post Cards and they had a really nice assortment for me to purchase. Great find in Covington, GA !

  4. Hi We are wanting to comer up to do a self guided vampire diaries tour. Is the museum located in the mystic grill? Or where is it located? How much to tour it per person? 9125728043

    1. Hi Michael – the self guided tour is free and you can pick up the map from our store. The Mystic Museum is also located in our store. We’re located in the alley downstairs from the Mystic Grill. We hope to see you soon.

  5. I will see you guys tomorrow!!! Around lunch time!! Coming down from Nashville!! Can’t wait to eat here FINALLY and get some souvenirs!!

  6. Hello. I was just wondering if there is any possibility i can buy the vampire diaries souvenirs from online?? I live so far away from Georgia and i would like to buy so many things. Thank u so much for your time.

  7. we are coming the first week of August (August 5-6) – what hours are you open??? Thanks so much!!! cannot wait to go!

    1. Hi there – we are open Sun – Thur 10-9 pm and Fri & Sat 10-10pm. We look forward to you visiting!

  8. We came in this morning & bought shirts & forgot one so I placed an order online I need to change a shirt size to an XL I will pay extra if needed we came from Oklahoma to visit the store & I cannot get thru on the telephone to speak with anyone. We enjoyed our visit today!!

  9. Hey. My family and I are interested in coming to do the self guided tour. Does the map cost that you have in tour store for the filming locations?

    1. Hi Lessie – the map is FREE. Please stop by when you get into town and we would love to give it to you.

  10. Hi! I was wondering if i could purchase the delena rain kiss candle and have it shipped to me? Pleas let me know thank you!!

  11. Hi! Is there any way i would be able to purchase on of the candles and have it shipped to me? Thank you! – i put in the wrong email last time!

  12. Hello! I went to Covington Georgia a few weeks ago and I bought a few souvenirs! I was wondering if the blood bags are drinkable because I bought one but I never knew if they were or not ? Thank you so much I had a blast!

  13. Is there anyway this can be shipped to the UK, I’m a huge fan of the show and would even pay more for the shipping!

  14. My daughter and I came up this past weekend for her Sweet Sixteen and had a blast! We are SO in love with Covington and everyone was super nice. We are already planning our next trip down! Thank you for making us feel like we were apart of the show! Truly you all are so kind and sweet to share this with us!

  15. I love the store I’m a big fan of the vampire diaries an the originals!!! I live in Indiana an I been to the shop quite a bit a bought new an different things there…. the workers are really sweet… ❤️❤️❤️

  16. LOVE LOVE LOVE this place! if you are going to Covington this is a MUST DO! We ended up going to this store at least 5 times in the 3 days we spent in GA! Love the bracelets with all the characters names!

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